Information Privacy Act 2014: Territory Privacy Principle 5
Notification of collection of personal information

ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) notice of collection of personal information

TQI will handle your information openly, transparently and in accordance with the Territory Privacy Principles set out in the Information Privacy Act 2014.

The collection, use and disclosure of personal information is authorised under the ACT Teacher Quality Institute Act 2010 (TQI Act). TQI will generally not use or disclose your personal information for another purpose without your consent.

Section 42 of the TQI Act provides that TQI must keep a register of teachers. Section 43 of the TQI Act further provides the details of the personal information that will be kept on the register.

We explain in more detail how we collect, use, disclose and store your personal information and how you can access and correct any inaccuracies in our privacy policy. Our privacy policy is available on request.

Privacy information specific to website visitors is available here.

Collection of personal information is primarily online but information may also be collected by email, mail, fax, telephone, face to face and printed documents. Your personal information will be collected and used for the following purposes:

Teacher registration, permit to teach and certification applications Accreditation of education programs Payments Digital portfolio

If you do not consent to supply us with the information requested in the online forms, or through other channels, we will not be able to provide the services outlined above.

Disclosure of personal information

Section 44 of the TQI Act provides that TQI may provide information contained in the register of teachers with corresponding registering authorities.TQI may disclose your personal information to Access Canberra (Registrations), teacher employers, universities and teacher registration bodies in Australia or New Zealand. In some circumstances your personal information may be disclosed to overseas registration bodies. For example, if you are moving overseas, confirmation of TQI registration may be provided to the country’s teacher regulatory authority.

If you believe that your personal information has not been appropriately handled you can contact:

TQI privacy contact officer
Phone: 02 6207 5005

If you feel that your complaint has not been appropriately addressed you can make a complaint to the independent Information Privacy Commissioner.

You can contact the OAIC at:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Phone: 1300 363 992